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Brest (France)


Brest is a southwestern major port and military base in France. It’s a lively port and university town, home to an elaborate aquarium, a castle museum and

a notable botanical garden.

Château de Brest is the oldest castle monument in town. The site has more than 1700 years of history, and since 1955 houses the collections from the

Musée National de la Marine. On top of that it faces Tour Tanguy that houses the Museum of Old Brest, with a collection of dioramas that depict the city of


Designed by architect Jacques Rougerie, Océanopolis opened in 1990. The first goal was to offer a showcase to marine science through the temperate

pavilion, and in fact it currently gathers 60% of European research on the sea. 

It’s botanical garden, the Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest, contains a remarkable collection of endangered plants, totaling about 1700 species,

of which 20 species have been preserved in large part by the conservatory's actions.


Read More: http://www.brest-metropole-tourisme.fr





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