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Registration (Fees) (ICAEEdu 2018)

Atualizado em 29/05/18 16:29.

Please fill this Registration Form.

In case you need invitation for visa purpose, your registration form should be sent together with the receipt of the full payment.

You can register without submitting the abstract.

Please fill this Brazilian Payment Form.

For International Payment, use the PayPal: paypal_08168@funape.org.br

In this case, please follow the steps for payment:

1) Log in PaylPal
2) Click on SEND & REQUEST
3) Click on Pay for good or services
4) Fill in the email: paypal_08168@funape.org.br
5) Fill in the dollar amount
6) Confirm Your shipping address
7) Click on Continue
8) Confirm your data
9) Click on Send Payment Now
10) Close PayPal and after you pay, please, email to us



Fee until 31.3.2018




 Fee from 1.4.2018




 Participant (Oral Presentation)  U$ 250,00  U$ 300,00
 Participant (Video Presentation)  U$ 250,00  U$ 300,00
 Participant (Listener)  U$ 150,00  U$ 200,00
 Student (Oral Presentation)  U$ 150,00  U$ 200,00
 Student (Video Presentation)  U$ 150,00  U$ 200,00
 Student (Listener)  U$ 100,00  U$ 150,00
 Poster Presentation (with attendance)*  U$ 200,00  U$ 250,00
 Poster Presentation (without attendance)*  U$ 150,00   U$ 200,00
 Accompanying People  U$ 150,00  U$ 200,00


* The poster will be printed by the conference organization (all entries).

# Exchange rate: R$ 3,1384 per dólar. After 8.6.2018, the exchange rate will be update. 

Registration fee includes:

- Admission to Scientific Sessions;

- Congress materials;

- Coffee and water;

- Opening Ceremony;

- Extended versions of all the selected abstracts will be published in the Proceedings of the ICAEEdu (2018) (in e-format); and

- Best works will be eligible for free publication as a full paper in the International Journal of Alive Engineering Education (IJAEEdu).


Ricardo Henrique Fonseca Alves, Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG), Brazil


Terms and Conditions

Please note that the registrations can only be accepted and confirmed upon receipt of the completed registration form by mailed and receipt of full payment.

As soon as the Organizing Secretariat has received your payment, a letter of confirmation will be e-mailed.


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